SAR Project | 2021

Synthesizing and Assessing an Environmental Framework for UCLA Licensing Agreements

Project Description:

Our Research Project focuses on how we can incorporate environmental standards into ASUCLA Licensing protocol. Although the ASUCLA Trademarks and Licensing department has implemented substantial policies towards fair labor and ethical working conditions in licensed companies, it has yet to enumerate policies to protect the environment. In order to bring environmental standards to the forefront of ASUCLA Licensing we set three goals. Our first goal is to analyze a few licensed companies who voluntarily took the ECOVADIS sustainability report to gain a general sense of what challenges companies face towards attaining higher sustainability goals. The second goal is to design a survey to reachout to the companies who have not taken the ECOVADIS sustainability report to ensure everyone’s perspective is accounted for. Finally, our third goal is to compile all collected data from both the ECOVADIS sustainability report and the licensed companies survey responses to create an environmental framework. Thus, the environmental framework will be designed around which areas can be easily improved environmentally and the inherent challenges of incorporating environmental practices into their business model. Ultimately this framework should guide and inspire growth in the companies to set their own sustainability action plan.

synthesizing and assessing an environmental framework for ucla licensing agreements

Stakeholder(s): Liz Kennedy

Team Leaders: Liana Huang, Kristen Tam

Team Members: Avishek Ghosh, Jonathan Gorski, Cameron Jewett, Jillian Marie Labador 

Check out our Final Report! 

ASUCLA Final Report