urban nature laboratory team photo stream: winter 2018

SAR Project | 2018

Assessment and Revitalization of the Boneyard at Sage Hill for Mixed Use Purposes

assessment and revitalization of the boneyard at sage hill for mixed use purposesThe Boneyard at Sagehill

The Urban Nature Laboratory team will be focusing on three main objectives this year. Firstly, we will be conducting research and reaching out to other institutions and facilities to develop improvement and management strategies for the Sagehill/Boneyard site. Secondly, we will conduct surveys and interviews of targeted faculty members, staff, and students to gauge how the campus community would feel about future development of the site – their level of interest; any concerns they have – and what they might envision for the space. Lastly, we will be using all of this information and data to inform a final report, which will include our own vision for the space and a comprehensive list of recommendations.

Stakeholder: Cully Nordby

Leaders: Nicole Pepper and Ricardo Patlan

Members: Abir Hossain, Alison Chi, Brooke Shimasaki, Cali Nguyen, James Javelosa

Final Report

Final Presentation

Press Release

Midterm Report