coupling community knowledge with big data tools to facilitate equitable energy transitions

Research Project | 2018

Coupling Community Knowledge with Big Data Tools to Facilitate Equitable Energy Transitions

Building on work conducted under a California Energy Commission grant, data on building energy use, rooftop solar potential, grid capacity, and socio-demographics will be integrated to assess the potential for low income and disadvantaged communities in Los Angeles county to support climate smart transitions, including vehicle electrification, solar generation (rooftop or community-scale), storage, and appliance electrification. The work, in partnership with Liberty Hill Foundation, will result in the development of a new set of interactive, web-based, analytical tools that can be used to help overcome specific challenges and identify specific opportunities facing individual DAC communities throughout Los Angeles County as they seek to enhance their participation in the ongoing transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

Issuing Entity: Strategic Growth Council

Project Start Date: October 2018