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Database | 2000

CTR Reports 1996-2007

CTR Director, Tom Smith, and CTR collaborators have conducted extensive studies of vertebrate and plant species in Africa over the past decades and have produced comprehensive reports for government agencies and international conservation organizations. Several reports from Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Congo Basin are provided here.

Related Publications

Evolutionary Change in Human-altered Environments Summit-Report 2

M. Glickfield, T.B. Smith, L Bernatchez, M. Nichols

Other | 2007

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Using High-Definition Satellite Imagery to Assess the Loss of Ecotone Habitats in the Congo Basin, 1999-2000

Saatchi, S.; Graham, C.; Smith, T.B.

Progress Report | 2000

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Biotic Surveys of Bioko and Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea, 1999

Larison, B.; Smith, T.B.; Girman, D.; Stauffer, D.; Mila, B.; Drewes, R.C.; Griswold, C.E.; Vindum, J.V.; Ubick, D., O'Keefe, K.; Nguema, J., Henwood, L.

Progress Report | 1999

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Dja Hornbill Project/Projet Calao, 1994-1998

Whitney, K.; Stauffer, D.; Holbrook, K.; French, A.; Poulsen, J.; Smith, T. B.; Fogiel, M.; Lamperti, A.; Hardesty, B.; Wang, B.; Clark, C.; Parker, V.T.

Progress Report | 1998

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Faunal Surveys of Selected Montane and Lowland Areas of Cameroon, 1996

Larison, B.; Smith, T.B.; McNiven, D.; Fotso, R.; Bruford, M.; Holbrook, K.; Lamperti, A.

Progress Report | 1996

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