ecological and environmental effects of turf replacement in southern california

Research Project | 2015

Ecological and Environmental Effects of Turf Replacement in Southern California

Pilot Study of the Ecological and Environmental Effects of Metropolitan’s Turf Replacement Program

Study Objectives

The principal objectives of this study are to identify and, to the extent possible, to quantity the ecological and environmental effects of Metropolitan’s Turf Replacement Program, as implemented between 2009 and 2015, on participant’s landscapes, neighborhoods and the Los Angeles region.

Study Elements

The main facets of the study include the following: creating and employing landscape typologies identifying the types of landscapes established under Metropolitan’s Turf Replacement Program and identifying critical differences in these landscapes before and after program participation; developing and applying methods for rating the type and extent of biodiversity before and after turf replacement on both individual parcels and on the surrounding neighborhood; and analyzing the effects of water agency turf program characteristics and policies on implementation and outcomes.

Research Partners

Tom Gillespie, UCLA Geography

Diane Pataki, University of Utah, Ecology

Related Publications

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Stephanie Pincetl, Thomas W. Gillespie, Diane Pataki, Erik Porse, Shenyue Jia, Erika Kidera, Nick Nobles, Janet Rodriguez, Dong-ha Choi

Progress Report | 2017

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Cities as Novel Biomes: Recognizing Urban Ecosystem Services as Anthropogenic

Pincetl S.

Published Work | 2015 | Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution