SAR 2022 Energy Team

SAR Project | 2022

Energy Team 2022: Energy Conservation Behavior

Students and faculty have the opportunity to aid UCLA’s goal of 2% annual energy use reduction and 100% clean electricity by 2025. This year’s SAR Energy team will examine data from monthly meter reads of buildings within the residential hill and carrying out additional data collection to research specific energy use behaviors within each building over time. Data collection upon the HVAC systems of various residential buildings will help determine what possible solutions will help alleviate energy usage of these systems in the future. By devising a roadmap to guide the UCLA community in on-campus energy reduction, the team will promote these guidelines via behavioral campaigns and infrastructural changes on campus.  

Stakeholder: Spencer Middleton (Energy Analyst)

Team Members (Left to Right): Reilly Fairchild (she/her), Nicholas Leong (he/him), Mason Lehman (they/them), Anna Novoselov (she/her), Qin He (she/her), Karlie Hayes (she/her)

Energy 2022: Final Report

Energy 2022: Final Presentation