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Pritzker Projects | 2022

Global Landscape of Air Quality Data Report 2022

Pritzker Award Affiliate: Chris Hagerbaumer, Executive Director of OpenAQ, an organization founded by Christa Hasenkopf, who was nominated for the award in 2019. 

Impact Fellow: Viraj Sawant (IoES doctoral student)

Project objective: Publish the 2022 edition of the ‘Global Landscape of Air Quality Data Report 2022

Activity includes: Conducting research to find the status of air quality data in every country in the world. Documenting and developing a formal methodology that can be replicable in the future. Building on the previous edition of the report and conducting analysis to develop meaningful insights that can be used to advocate the need for robust monitoring capacity building everywhere. 

his project closely aligns with Viraj’s dissertation thesis which aims to understand the development of scientific capacity which informs air quality regulations. Through this project, Viraj gets to work with and become familiar with ‘scientific capacity’, which is the subject of his thesis investigation. Viraj also gets to further develop his research and writing skills on a policy-relevant project in the field where he intends to build his professional career.