effective on-screen sustainable behavior and message placement

Practicum Project | 2019

Effective on-screen sustainable behavior and message placement

More than ever before, streaming services and television are easily accessible and readily available in society. 55 million Americans are subscribed to Netflix and 94 million Americans pay for television subscriptions. As the effects of climate change continue to intensify, we aim to draw attention to the enormous potential of on-screen eco-placements, which show eco-friendly products or behaviors on television and film, to normalize sustainable behaviors.

Through surveying and collecting data from streaming sites and cable networks, we hope to uncover which on-screen methods are most likely to leave a lasting impact on viewers, encouraging them to engage in sustainable behaviors. The resulting comprehensive report of this project will provide studios and productions with guidance on how to effectively use eco-placements within their content.

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Advisor: Moana McClellan

Client: Producers Guild of America – Green (PGA Green)
PGA Green collects and shares information about eco-friendly practices in production throughout multiple media companies.