Moana McClellan

Moana McClellan

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability


Dr. Moana McClellan is Chief Lorax at the Institute of Environment and Sustainability. She works on a broad range of topics from forest ecology to science communication to environmental justice. She advises student research groups in Practicum program and teaches Environmental Justice. 


Taking on health equity in Inglewood

Team: Kayla Asemanfar, Carlos Enriquez, Susannah Kiteck, Laura Martinez Villatoro, Brenda Sanchez Morra, Bryant Villegas Advisor: Moana McClellan Client: Social Justice Learning Institute

EPA Urban Waters Civic Action Project 2017

We will address water quality threats from urban runoff pollution in under-served communities in Los Angeles through the engagement of high school students in watershed observations, data collection, and civic action.