landscape genomic analyses of four endangered california reptile and amphibian species

Research Project | 2017

Landscape genomic analyses of four endangered California reptile and amphibian species

The La Kretz Center is partnering with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to generate genomic data to inform species listing decisions under the US Endangered Species Act.

Range-wide population genomic analyses, where tens to hundreds of thousands of genes are scored for field-collected tissue samples from across the range of a species, allow the research and management communities to partner on key problems involved with informing species management, listing decisions, and future climate change adaptation. Currently, the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) is faced with a large number of listing decisions in the relatively near future, some of which may benefit from immediate landscape genomic analyses. In collaboration with the USFWS, the La Kretz Center identified an initial set of four species where genomic analysis may aid the Service as they continue their deliberations on listing.