Pritzker Projects | 2021

Scaling solutions to Wildfire, Biodiversity and Conservation

Pritzker Award Affiliate: Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE and judge for the Pritzker Award. 

Impact Fellow: Emma Barnosky (IoES doctoral student)

Project objectives:

1. Produce a whitepaper outlining a program strategy for organizing a network of funders committed to resourcing early stage companies seeking to develop novel technologies capable of detecting and suppressing dangerous wildfires.

2. Contribute to the research, design and relationship development that will shape the next wave of moonshot incentive competitions that XPRIZE launches to solve major environmental problems.

Activity includes: Emma will be responsible for engaging a world-renowned brain trust of thought leaders and experts in the domain – executives, industry leaders, government officials, policymakers, academics and futurists – to generate a wildfire roadmap and to help validate prize concepts and breakthrough ideas.

Additionally, the fellow will be responsible for drafting collateral to effectively communicate these prize concepts to key stakeholders and potential prize sponsors and support the general engagement of this ecosystem.