SAR Project | 2022

NFT Team 2022: Evaluating Sustainability in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Deals


UCLA is currently experiencing a high input of non-fungible token (NFT) proposals. As the demand for NFTs grows, UCLA departments will decide how to proceed with these recent proposals. Given the novelty of NFT’s, UCLA is unsure of the exact environmental impact these proposals will have. This SAR team will research the demand for NFTs at UCLA and examine these existing NFT proposals to better understand their sustainability impact in regards to energy consumption. The team will also review the environmental consequences of NFTs used at similar universities to research how recent proposals may affect UCLA. The team will then determine what makes a greener NFT and create a guide for UCLA departments to assist them in deciding whether to move forward with current and future NFT proposals.

Pictured Above: Pei Xi Kwok (she/her), Sofija Ninness (she/her), Jeff Van (he/him), Sally Min (she/her), Natalie Phan (she/her), Anya Desai (she/her)

Stakeholder: Liz Kennedy (Director of Ethical Labor and Sustainability for UCLA Trademarks & Licensing)

NFT 2022: Final Report

NFT 2022: Final Presentation