Environmentalism and social justice go hand-in-hand. The burdens of destructive activities like fracking, oil drilling and incineration of chemicals disproportionately affect low-income communities and communities of color.  Across Los Angeles, such neighborhoods endure poorer air and water quality—and, by extension, poorer health. Working with the Social Justice Learning Institute, we’ll assess the scope of environmental injustice in Inglewood, where 92.4% of the population is Black or Latino.

Team: Kayla Asemanfar, Carlos Enriquez, Susannah Kiteck, Laura Martinez Villatoro, Brenda Sanchez Morra, Bryant Villegas
Advisor: Moana McClellan

Client: Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI).
The institute works to fundamentally improve the lives of urban communities of color. To achieve this goal, SJLI helps individuals and groups build their capacity to assess injustices, and then use their own agency to advocate for, and achieve, health and educational equity.