the practicum on the practicum: assessing outcomes for ucla’s environmental science capstone

Practicum Project | 2020

The Practicum on the Practicum: assessing outcomes for UCLA’s environmental science capstone

The IoES Practicum Program is a year-long capstone project for all senior Environmental Science students at UCLA.  It aims to provide students with training and experience in multidisciplinary environmental problem-solving and to help them prepare for meaningful professional or academic careers in the future.  We believe that the IoES Practicum is distinguished and leading in the field of environmental education. However, in the Practicum’s 13 years, there has not been any systematic assessment of the program’s effectiveness or benefits for students or clients. In this project, we will survey students and clients to evaluate the efficacy of the Practicum. With the results from these surveys, we hope to provide suggestions to improve the IoES Practicum curriculum for the benefit of future students and clients, but also to provide useful insights for other academic environmental programs. 

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We will be happy to send you our survey results. If you are interested, please provide your name and email here.

Team: Jacey Chinn, Alicia Kwan, Magdalene Lo, Sarina Morales, Yiwei Zhou
AdvisorProf. Magali Delmas
ClientUCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability