magali delmas

Magali (Maggie) Delmas

Professor of Management

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Anderson School of Management

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
La Kretz Hall, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 825-9310

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Magali Delmas is a Professor of Management at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and the Anderson School of Management.

She is the director of the UCLA Center for Corporate Environmental Performance. She was the President of the Alliance for Research in Corporate Sustainability (ARCS). An organization that serves as a vehicle for advancing rigorous academic research on corporate sustainability issues. 

Her research interests are primarily in the areas of Business strategy and Corporate Sustainability. Magali Delmas has written more than 90 articles, book chapters and case studies on business and the natural environment. She is the recipient of the Academy of Management/Organization and the Natural Environment Distinguished Scholar Award

She works on developing effective information strategies to promote conservation behavior and the development of green markets. Here is a short video of her recent work on green consumers.

Her current research includes the investigation of the barriers and incentives to the adoption of energy efficient solutions. 

She is also engaged in refining current methodologies to measure and communicate firm’s and products’ environmental performance.

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The Private and Social Consequences of Purchasing an Electric Vehicle and Solar Panels: Evidence from California

M. Delmas, M. Kahn, S. Locke

Published Work | 2017 | Research in Economics

download pdf permalink

Dinámica de los resultados medioambientales y financieros: El caso de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero

M. Delmas, N. Nairn-Birch, J. Lim

Published Work | 2017 | Economía industrial

download pdf permalink

Field Experiments in Corporate Sustainability Research Testing Strategies for Behavior Change in Markets and Organizations

M. Delmas, J. Aragon-Correa

Published Work | 2016 | Organization and Environment

download pdf permalink

Does Organic Wine Taste Better? An Analysis of Experts’ Ratings

M. Delmas, O. Gergaud, J. Lim

Published Work | 2016 | Journal of Wine Economics

download pdf permalink

Corporate environmental performance and lobbying

M. Delmas, J. Lim, N. Nairn-Birch

Published Work | 2016 | Academy of Management Discoveries

download pdf permalink

Corporate Sustainable Innovation and Employee Behavior

M. Delmas, S. Pekovic

Published Work | 2016 | Journal of Business Ethics

download pdf permalink

Nonprice incentives and energy conservation

Asensio, O. I., Delmas, M. A.

Published Work | 2015 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

download pdf permalink

Dynamics of Environmental and Financial Performance: The Case of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

M. Delmas, N. Nairn-Birch, J. Lim

Published Work | 2015 | Organization & Environment

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