SAR Project | 2023

UCLA Health Team: Piloting a Sustainability Certification Process Within UCLA Health for Individual Departments

Across the UC system and within UCLA, there are many comprehensive sustainability policies. However, UC Policy can be confusing, complex, and inaccessible, and not all departments within UCLA Health understand or comply with all of the sustainability policies. We will be compiling UC-wide and UCLA policies to create a checklist for individual departments which will determine certification eligibility. This concise checklist will help consolidate the goals outlined in UC Policy into something more tangible. Our checklist will draw from the structures of the LA Green Business and Practice Greenhealth’s certification process to create an effective and accessible process which ensures that individual UCLA Health departments are abiding by sustainability policies.

We will be piloting this certification process in a few specific departments and following up with interviews to gain a more complex understanding of roadblocks that prevent individual departments from meeting sustainability goals. First, we will have pilot departments fill out a preliminary checklist that will later be the foundation for the certification. We will schedule interviews with select departments in UCLA Health to determine where they are with sustainability goals., and make necessary revisions to our checklist based on their feedback. For these interviews, we will include a variety of departments from throughout UCLA Health, and we will make sure to take into account multiple employee perspectives within each department when performing interviews. Our final deliverable will consist of a report which includes a final revised Green Certification Checklist, data collected from informational interviews, and recommendations for future implementation process and future SAR teams.

Stakeholder: Noah Bidna, UCLA Health Sustainability Analyst

Team Leaders: Salman Jaberi, Lilit Shahbazian

Team Members: Olive Fengel, Hannah Freedman, Sophia Merish-Rose, Amanda Pineda