diesel truck emissions in port of los angeles

Diesel truck emissions in Port of Los Angeles

Communities living in proximity to diesel hotspots — such as ports, rail yards, distribution centers and freight roadways — disproportionately bear the negative health impacts associated with diesel exhaust. They are also usually low-income communities populated by historically marginalized and underrepresented groups. Exhaust from diesel engines releases harmful air pollutants and other toxic chemicals. Exposure...

effective on-screen sustainable behavior and message placement

Effective on-screen sustainable behavior and message placement

More than ever before, streaming services and television are easily accessible and readily available in society. 55 million Americans are subscribed to Netflix and 94 million Americans pay for television subscriptions. As the effects of climate change continue to intensify, we aim to draw attention to the enormous potential of on-screen eco-placements, which show eco-friendly...

ocean acidification in santa monica bay

Impacts of Sea Grass on Ocean Acidification in the Santa Monica Bay

Hi everyone! Our team is part of the IOES senior practicum project at UCLA. We are a group of undergraduates researching ocean acidification in the Santa Monica Bay. The practicum is designed to challenge us with real world problems that could yield sustainable solutions. For this project, we’ve partnered with The Bay Foundation to monitor...

known and emerging risks to islands

Known and emerging risks to small island developing states

Islands are particularly vulnerable to environmental risks from climate change and natural disasters.  These risks can be especially hazardous to a small-scale island economy and have cascading effects; for example, climate change vulnerability can negatively impact an island’s credit rating, further impairing its capacity for increasing resilience. In order to bolster islands’ resilience and adaptive...

reducing wildfire risk in southern california

Reducing Wildfire Risk in Southern California

Wildfires in California are becoming more frequent and destructive, resulting in increased loss of property and life. In November 2018 alone, fires throughout the state caused up to an estimated $13 billion dollars in insured damages, $1.3 billion in fire suppression costs, and the tragic loss of 80 lives — with hundreds still listed as...

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