A tale of urban forest patch governance in four eastern US cities

Anita T. Morzillo, Lindsay K. Campbell, Kristen L. King, Katherine J. Lautar, Lydia Scott, Michelle L. Johnson, Mysha Clarke, Luke Rhodes, Stephanie Pincetl, Nancy F. Sonti, Dexter H. Locke, John Paul Schmit, Robert T. Fahey, Matthew E. Baker, Lindsay Darling, Lea R. Johnson

Published Work | 2022 | Urban Forestry & Urban Greening

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A science-based policy for managing free-ranging cats

C. A. Lepczyk, D. C. Duffy, D. M. Bird, M. Calver, D. Cherkassky, L. Cherkassky, C. R. Dickman, S. Hess, D. Hunter, D. Jessup, T. Longcore, S. R. Loss, K. A. T. Loyd, P. P. Marra, J. Marzluff, R. Noss, D. Simberloff, G. C. Sizemore, S. A. Temple, Y. van Heezik

Published Work | 2022 | Biological Invasions


Net GHG Emissions and Air Quality Outcomes from Different Residential Building Electrification Pathways within a California Disadvantaged Community

Eric Daniel Fournier, Felicia Federico, Robert Cudd, Stephanie Pincetl, Alex Ricklefs, Marc Costa, Michael Jerrett, Diane Garcia-Gonzales

Published Work | 2022 | Sustainable Cities and Society

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