Deregulation and Environmental Differentiation in the Electric Utility Industry

M. Delmas, M. Russo, M. Montes-Sancho

Published Work | 2007 | Strategic Management Journal

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Deregulation, Efficiency and Governance Structures: The U.S. Electric Utility Sector

M. Delmas, Y. Tokat

Published Work | 2005

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Government Credible Commitment in the French and American Nuclear Industry

M. Delmas, B. Heiman

Published Work | 2001 | Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

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Exposing strategic assets to create new competencies: the case of technological acquisition in the waste management industry in Europe and North America

M. Delmas

Published Work | 1999 | Industrial and Corporate Change

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The Grid: An informational primer for advocates of distributed renewable energy

Eric Daniel Fournier, M.A. M.E.Sc., Ph.D.


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