Zero emission vehicle technologies such as battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are fast becoming commonplace worldwide

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UCLA Professor Deepak Rajagopal and Ph.D. Candidate Narayan Gopinathan Illuminate Sustainable Transportation Solutions in India

In a new report, UCLA Professor Deepak Rajagopal and Ph.D. Candidate Narayan Gopinathan delve into sustainable transportation in India, focusing on the feasibility and benefits of a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) obligation to complement existing subsidy-based approaches.

Their study—conducted in collaboration with the India Energy & Climate Center, UC Berkeley Energy Markets & Policy Group and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory—emphasizes the potential of ZEV obligations to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission technologies.

Drawing parallels with successful renewable energy adoption strategies globally, the research highlights that binding obligations on automakers, combined with subsidies, could reduce the cost of ZEVs and enhance their appeal to consumers.

This research not only provides crucial insights for India’s shift towards cleaner transportation but also presents a framework that could benefit other regions with similar challenges. Rajagopal and Gopinathan advocate for policies that encourage greater commitment from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to meet national ZEV adoption targets.