Center for Corporate Environmental Performance

US state policies for renewable energy: context and effectiveness

M. Delmas, M. Montes-Sancho

Working Paper | 2015

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Dynamics of Environmental and Financial Performance: The Case of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

M. Delmas, N. Nairn-Birch, J. Lim

Published Work | 2015 | Organization & Environment

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Eco-Premium or Eco-Penalty? Eco-labels and Quality in the Organic Wine Market

M. Delmas, N. Lessem

Published Work | 2015 | Business and Society

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Resource Efficiency Strategies and Market Conditions

M. Delmas, S. Pekovic

Published Work | 2015 | Long Range Planning

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What can we learn from high-frequency appliance-level energy metering? Results from a field experiment

V. Chen, M. Delmas, W. Kaiser, S. Locke

Published Work | 2014 | Energy Title

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Real-time, appliance-level electricity use feedback system: How to engage users?

Chen, V.L., Delmas, M.A, Kaiser, W.J.

Published Work | 2014 | Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 70. p. 455-462.


Sustainable Certification for Future Generations: the Case of Family Business

M. Delmas, O. Gergaud

Published Work | 2014 | Family Business Review

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Organizational Responses to Environmental Demands: Opening the Black Box

M. Delmas, M. Toffel

Published Work | 2014 | Strategic Management Journal

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Saving power to conserve your reputation? The effectiveness of private versus public information

M. Delmas, N. Lessem

Published Work | 2014 | Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

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