Center for Corporate Environmental Performance

Production Frontier Methodologies and Efficiency as a Performance Measure in Strategic Management Research

C. Chen, M. Delmas, M. Lieberman

Published Work | 2013 | Strategic Management Journal

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Top management and the adoption of energy efficiency practices: Evidence from small and medium-sized manufacturing firms in the US

V. Blassa, C. Corbettb, M. Delmasc, S. Muthulingam

Published Work | 2013 | Energy

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Real-time, appliance-level electricity use feedback system: How to engage users?

V. Chen, M. Delmas, W. Kaiser

Published Work | 2013 | Energy and Buildings

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Information strategies and energy conservation behavior: A meta-analysis of experimental studies from 1975 to 2012

Delmas, M. A., Fischlein, M., & Asensio, O. I.

Published Work | 2013 | Energy Policy, Volume 61, Pages 729-739.

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Choosing the Right Eco-Label for Your Product

M. Delmas, N. Nairn-Birch, M. Balzarova

Published Work | 2013 | Sloan Management Review

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Triangulating Environmental Performance: What do Corporate Social Responsibility Ratings Really Capture?

M. Delmas, D. Etzion, N. Nairn-Birch

Published Work | 2013 | The Academy of Management Perspectives

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Measuring Eco-Inefficiency: A New Frontier Approach

C. Chen, M. Delmas

Published Work | 2012 | Operations Research

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Environmental standards and labor productivity: Understanding the mechanisms that sustain sustainability

M. Delmas, S. Pekovic

Published Work | 2012 | Journal of Organizational Behavior

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The Drivers of Greenwashing

M. Delmas, V. Burbano

Published Work | 2011 | California Management Review

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Under the Tip of the Iceberg: Absorptive Capacity, Environmental Strategy and Competitive Advantage

M. Delmas, V. Hoffmann, M. Kuss

Published Work | 2011 | Business and Society

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