Business is often blamed for playing a major role in contributing to environmental problems, but it also represents perhaps the largest opportunity to create a more sustainable future. At the Center for Corporate Environmental Performance, we work to create that future using innovative market-based approaches with business.

Through cross-disciplinary research, educational programs, and ground-breaking collaboration with organizations that are committed to improving their performance, CCEP helps find market oriented solutions to address sustainability challenges.

What we do

Using experimental research, surveys and hard data from a wide range of sources, we focus on three primary subjects:

  • Business sustainability metrics: We develop quantitative measures of firm, product and supply chain “greenness” to help businesses think holistically about risks and opportunities around sustainability.
  • Green consumer behavior: We investigate how consumers respond to information concerning the environmental impacts of various products.
  • Business sustainability and employee engagement: We explore the mechanisms that link corporate sustainability to employee engagement and performance.  

Green Bundle

The market for green products has expanded rapidly over the last decade, but most consumers need something more than eco-benefits to motivate their purchases. The Green Bundle, a new book by Magali Delmas, offers strategies to reach a vast, largely untapped consumer market.

Green Bundle Book Site


Our research shows that transparency is key to successful strategies in business sustainability. Putting that philosophy into practice, we offer our research data to interested parties to further research in this area.

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