Special Pollution Study Proposed for Santa Monica Airport

Suzanne Paulson, Santa Monica Airport Commissioner and UCLA professor, is asking for permission from the City of Santa Monica to conduct a study on the change in pollution levels before and after the Santa Monica Airport closes temporarily. Read more about why how this study could benefit the residents in this Santa Monica Lookout article.



Science Daily: When air pollution is bad, know how to protect yourself

Yifang Zhu, professor of environmental health sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, says there are steps we can take to protect ourselves and our families from air pollution, which has well-documented negative consequences for childhood asthma, birth outcomes, pregnancy risks, cardiovascular health, and other diseases.



NBC News: “Gas Station Spills Could Pollute Water by Drips and Drops: Study” Yifang Zhu

FSPH Environmental Health Sciences associate professor Dr. Yifang Zhu shares with her insight on a study about the cumulative pollutive effects of gas station spills.