The faculty, staff, and collaborators of the Center for Tropical Research reflect its international commitment to multidisciplinary research.  Our team includes field biologists, mathematical modelers, and policy experts from the Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.  All are committed to conducting cutting edge scientific research that can be applied to address global environmental challenges.

Photo of CTR people

CTR members present for photo, top left to right: Chris Anderson, Alex Kirschel, Eduardo Mendoza Ramirez, Edward Mitchard, Wolfgang Buermann, Paul Bunge, Akane Nishimura, Jean Savage, Sallie Chin, Tom Dietsch, Zac Cheviron, Ryan Harrigan, Ana Paula Giorgi, Emily Curd, Tyffany Chen, Kevin Njabo, Adam Freedman, Stephanie Steele, Princess Gilbert, Cully Nordby, John Pollinger, Alison Hamilton, Hilton Oyamaguchi,, Tom Smith, Allison Alvarado, Erin Toffelmier, Jaime Chaves, Pamela Thompson, Renata Durães, Jordan Karubian, Raul Sedano