2019 california climate expedition


2019 California Climate Expedition

Learning About Climate Change Impacts and Solutions Firsthand by Bicycle

From June 8 to 24, 2019, the UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science is partnering with OnePulse to bring you the California Climate Expedition: a first-of-its-kind cycling tour and educational experience.

Learn more about the ride below, and follow us on Instagram @uclaclisci, Twitter @uclaclisci, or on our Facebook page to keep up with the journey! We’ll be posting regular updates and live-streaming events along the way.

You can also support the ride and our Center’s efforts to turn science into action by contributing to our Spark campaign.

What is it?

The California Climate Expedition is a 17-day, 550-mile bicycle journey along the California coast. Led by Alex Hall, UCLA professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences and director of the university’s Center for Climate Science, the ride will wind through scenic landscapes en route to the places that exemplify how climate change is affecting California — and how Californians are innovating to solve problems.

What will riders and online followers see and learn?

We’re riding through diverse California landscapes: the majestic coastline, agricultural valleys, oak-dotted hills, and vibrant urban neighborhoods. At certain locations, we’ll be stopping for a deep-dive learning experience. Here’s a partial itinerary:

  • June 9, East Bay Area: We’ll investigate how sea level rise affects urban communities, and how estuary restoration is playing a role in adaptation. Join us on June 9th in person or by live-stream.
  • June 10–11, San Francisco Bay Delta: With friends at the Delta Stewardship Council, we’ll sort out the entangled issues of water supply management, sea level rise, and species conservation at one of California’s most altered natural places, and see how wetlands are one of our most potent weapons in the battle to sequester carbon and fight climate change.
  • June 14–15, Monterey Bay area: We’ll explore how climate change affects oceans and marine life, and learn how the oceans take up our carbon and reduce the effects of climate change.
  • June 20, Santa Barbara area: We’ll learn how climate change increases the risk of wildfires and extreme rain and mudslide events like those that recently ravaged this area, and learn what communities are doing to prepare for the future. Join us on June 20th in person or by live-stream.
  • June 22, Santa Monica Mountains: We’ll discuss how to achieve the societal transformation necessary to combat the climate crisis and achieve sustainability—and learn from three innovative leaders who are working to make it happen. Join us on June 22nd in person or by live-stream.

Why are you doing this?

There are many reasons we’re riding. For one, we simply love California, and we want to raise awareness about climate change impacts in the state and what we can do about them. We’re also excited for the opportunity to get outside the lab and explore new research topics.

Importantly, the ride is an opportunity for us to raise funds for the UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science’s unique work to get climate science used in the real world to solve climate change–related problems. This work, which we call science activation, is tough to fund via traditional sources of science funding.

How can I pitch in?
We’re raising funds related to the ride via UCLA Spark. Please consider making a contribution, and help us spread the word!

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