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How We Multiply

First Friday's at the LA Natural History Museum

Our Featured Discussion.  The Population Problem and Possible Solutions:  The Earth’s human population has reached 8 billion. What does that mean for this planet?  Is it catastrophe or more possibilities for…

Ajay Singh Chaudhary

Special Event

Ajay Singh Chaudhary presents The Exhausted of the Earth

An exploration of how the shared experiences of exhaustion can be the foundation for a new, radical climate politics.

Join us on Wednesday, April 17th, at the UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden, for a conversation with Ajay Singh Chaudhary and learn how he answers this question in his new book, The…

Highly Charged Panel Discussion

Special Event

Highly Charged: Panel Discussion

Panel discusses equity in rate design for decarbonizing electric power systems, featuring experts and advocates.

Panel discusses equity in rate design for decarbonizing electric power systems, featuring experts and advocates.

On Campus

UCLA-wide sustainability events calendar

For those interested in more campus events on the environment and sustainability, follow our friends at UCLA Sustainability.


Lecture Series

The 2024 UCLA La Kretz Center Public Lecture

The Endangered Species Act at 50: Is it working for California?

Note: This event will no longer be happening on May 11th, 2024. The date has been postponed and will now occur on September 28th, 2024.


LA’s New Abnormal: Mega-Wildfires

  The Nature Conservancy and UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) invite you to LA’s New Abnormal: Mega-Wildfires Reception and Discussion   Seemingly every year, California breaks some…

Street Plants: Wild Flora of Los Angeles

Cities may seem to be solely the work of humans—right down to the urban landscape of street trees, ornamental plantings, and manicured lawns that were put in place by human…


Join artist Marina Zurkow and chefs Hank and Bean for a climate change conversation over Jellyfish Jerky and an environmental risk Mitigating Tea at their Rising Seas Hawker Stall. On…

Life on the Move | Los Angeles, A Migration Haven

Life on the Move Lecture Series All plants and animals, including humans, move during their lifetimes, but some take truly harrowing or magnificent journeys to new lands and habitats. This Fall,…

Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Technologies for a Sustainable Future is hosted by UCLA Technology Development Group (TDG) and provides a unique opportunity for UCLA inventors, investors, and industry executives to establish new relationships for…