the green bundle: pairing the market with the planet

The Green Bundle: Pairing the Market with the Planet

The Green Bundle

The market for green products has expanded rapidly over the last decade, but most consumers need something more than eco-benefits to motivate their purchases. Magali Delmas and David Colgan argue that many green products now offer the total package—a “green bundle” that checks the environmental box, but also offers improved performance, health benefits, savings, and status.

Andy Cohen

“From the cities and buildings in which we live, work, and play, to the food that we eat, sustainability has become vital in the business world. Delmas and Colgan offer clear, psychology-inspired methods to reach even reluctant consumers, appealing to the ways sustainable products and services will benefit them personally all while protecting the health of our planet.”

—Andy Cohen, Co-CEO, Gensler

Why buy green?

To get people to buy green, businesses must show them more than environmental benefits — they want a little something for themselves, too.

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What are the challenges?

UCLA Anderson School of Management offers a rundown and some of the challenges businesses face implementing the strategy.

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Where to buy the book?

The Green Bundle offers some of the best and most effective communication techniques for pushing consumers in the right direction.

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helping the environment is nice. helping yourself is ok, too.


Helping the Environment is Nice. Helping Yourself is OK, Too.

Transforming “green into gold”: UCLA economist Magali Delmas joined Zocalo Public Square to discuss how companies can better reach consumers with green products. In her new book, “The Green Bundle: Pairing the Market with the Planet,” she points out that most people are convenient consumers — it’s not enough for a product to be simply be good for the planet. The key? Bundling the environment with personal benefits.

the green bundle: pairing the market with the planet
a guide for companies on how to bundle green benefits with consumer perks

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The Green Bundle

Thursday, August 16 7:30-8:30pm conversation  8:30-9:30pm reception with wine provided by Fetzer Vineyards La Kretz Garden Pavilion  UCLA Botanical Gardens   Join UCLA environmental economist Magali A. Delmas, writer David Colgan, Environmental Media Association…