center for diverse leadership in science

GreenSparks brings environmental science to the classroom.

The low number of diverse students awarded STEM degrees does not reflect a lack of interest. Often science lessons focus on developing technical skills, but not on sparking interests. GreenSparks aims to do both.
Each lesson we develop is field-tested in Los Angeles Unified School District classrooms. UCLA IoES scientists and educators have long-term engagement with teachers and principles. This helps us take the time to listen to their feedback and design learning modules of broad appeal.
GreenSparks environmental science educational videos aim to be practical and engaging. Based on sound science and Next Generation Science Standards we’re creating innovative formats. We offer these videos on this site for free to keep them accessible to anyone with internet access. We are working to test and refine these lessons now and aim to publish the first modules in 2020.
If you have questions about GreenSparks, we invite you to contact us.
Thank you.
Director of Strategic Partnerships 
& Community Engagement
Colin O’Brien-Lux