A burning reminder of what happens if we roll back the Clean Water Act

Amanda Wagner

It wasn’t first time. The Cuyahoga burned 13 times in the previous 100 years, thanks mostly to rapid industrialization and lack of sewage treatment. This year, Cleveland hosted annual River Rally conference to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the 1969 fire. Along with high-profile oil spills and the popularity of Rachel Carson’s best-selling Silent…



Announcing the 2019 Pritzker Genius Award candidates

David Colgan

The candidates include mass movement advocates, coral reef conservationists and artists — in video, painting and the written word. As in previous years, candidates were nominated by environmental leaders who have already made significant contributions. A UCLA faculty committee will select three finalists. Those finalists will be presented to a panel of judges including philanthropists…



Air quality app influences behavior by linking environment to health

Nicki Aviel

Air quality mobile applications could mitigate these health risks by educating people and promoting preventive behavioral changes, a UCLA study found. “I think information can be very powerful to change your behavior,” said the study’s lead author, Magali Delmas, a professor of management at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and the Anderson…