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2019 Pritzker Award Winner Hindou Mentioned in World Economic Forum: ‘In my region people are dying because of climate change’: One woman’s urgent message to Davos

Greta Thunberg and 2019 Pritzker Award Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim are among powerful voices calling for urgent climate action at Davos 2020.


2019 Pritzker Award Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim Mentioned in The European Sting — Dear Davos: Time to Declare an Emergency Opportunity for People and Planet

“Participants at the World Economic Forum must not just listen to the Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim – and Greta Thunberg-led youth delegation at this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting – they must act.”


Ann Carlson Quoted in The Media Times: 9th Circuit Court Decides Against Young Plaintiffs in Landmark Climate Suit

Ann Carlson, an expert on climate change at the University of California’s Los Angeles School of Law, said what surprised her and many other experts was how far the trial had gone. 


Ann Carlson Mentioned in Clean Technica: 9th Circuit Court Rules Against Young Plaintiffs In Landmark Climate Suit

In 2015, a group of young Americans, some of them only 7 or 8 years old, sued the United States government, claiming the federal government “through its affirmative actions in creating a national energy system that causes climate change, is depriving them of their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, and has failed to...


Ann Carlson in The New York Times: Court Quashes Youth Climate Change Case Against Government

A federal appeals court has thrown out the landmark climate change lawsuit brought on behalf of young people against the federal government. While the young plaintiffs “have made a compelling case that action is needed,” wrote Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz in a 32-page opinion, climate change is not an issue for the courts.  Ann Carlson, an...


Jon Christensen Op-Ed in Los Angeles Times: Bickering Environmental Groups are Holding L.A.’s Last Surviving Tidal Wetland Hostage

Jon Christensen, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability professor, journalist-in-residence and founder of UCLA Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies, provides a potential solution to this impasse for the Los Angeles Times.


Daniel Swain Quoted in KCRA Sacramento: Fact Checking the January Democratic Debate

Sanders said that unless the U.S. leads “the world right now” on climate change, “the planet we are leaving our kids will be uninhabitable.” While climate change is an urgent and serious issue, many scientists do not think it will render the entire planet uninhabitable.  University of California, Los Angeles climate scientist Daniel Swain also commented, “The...


Daniel Swain Quoted in SF Gate: See the Potent Winter storm Approaching Northern California

Meteorologists and weather nerds are getting excited about a storm approaching California. The storm is expected to be potent and quick-moving, releasing a burst of frigid air, heavy rainfall, high winds and maybe some thunderstorms when it reaches landfall in Northern California on Thursday.  UCLA climatologist Daniel Swain shared one of the images on Twitter,...


Daniel Swain in Los Angeles Times: After Thursday’s Rain, Southern California is Expected to Return to Dry Weather

Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA, tweeted on Sunday that it’s not looking like January precipitation will be enough to reverse the growing seasonal precipitation deficit to date in Northern California.


Ryan Harrigan and Tom Smith Study Featured in Colorado State University Magazine — Death by solar: $1.6 million DOE grant supports scientists studying bird deaths at solar facilities

For several years, scientists and solar industry groups have documented evidence of birds, particularly migratory species, either colliding with solar panels or getting incinerated in the red-hot light of concentrated solar towers. Lead scientists Ryan Harrigan and Tom Smith will work with Colorado State University biologist Kristen Ruegg on a multi-year collaborative study for collecting,...


Travis Longcore Mentioned in Directions Magazine — A Decade of Spatial Innovation: USC Spatial Sciences Presents 10th Annual Los Angeles Geospatial Summit

The Summit will also feature a group discussion on the topic of “GIS for Sustainability Science: How GIS is fundamental to our policies and practices that further sustainability and the betterment of society.” Dr. Travis Longcore, associate adjunct professor at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, will be a guest on the panel


Mary Nichols Featured in LA Times: She Helped Make California a Clean Air Leader. Now Trump Could Upend that Legacy

In what she says is likely her last year in office, Mary Nichols, the chair of the state Air Resources Board and Professor in the UCLA Institute of the Environment, faces the prospect of the U.S. Supreme Court, tilted to the right by President Trump’s appointees, crippling California’s ability to set its own pollution standards.