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Daniel Swain in The Los Angeles Times: The fire that devastated a Sierra town created a pyrocumulus cloud. What does that mean?

The Thomas fire created a huge pyrocumulus cloud in December 2017. The Mountain View fire that largely destroyed the small town of Walker, Calif., this week gave rise to a similar phenomenon.  UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said seeing such plume-dominated fires anywhere in the American West is “pretty extraordinary by late November.”


Pritzker Finalist Clara Lee Pratt in NBC21 News: Native American votes helped secure Biden’s win in Arizona

Voter turnout on swaths of tribal land in Arizona surged compared with the 2016 presidential election, helping Joe Biden to victory in a state that hadn’t supported a Democratic in a White House contest since 1996. Native Americans were among the difference-makers who swung the race to Biden in Arizona. “It truly takes a village,”...


Daniel Swain in The National Science Foundation: Extreme rainfall projected to become more severe, frequent with warming

A paper published in the American Geophysical Union journal Earth’s Future, states that warming has a more profound effect on both the severity and frequency of extreme precipitation events than it does on common precipitation events. The findings have serious implications for how we prepare for the future, co-author UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said. “The five-year...


Ann Carlson in Grist: Trump gutted environmental protections. How quickly can Biden restore them?

Trump gutted environmental protections. How quickly can Biden restore them? Some rollbacks could be easily thwarted with a pen stroke, others may take years. Taking away California’s waiver is expected to increase greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons per year, and lead to drivers buying more than 2 billion additional barrels of petroleum a...


Ann Carlson in UCLA Newsroom: Q&A: On the environment, President-elect Biden is cause for optimism

UCLA climate change expert Ann Carlson outlines how new administration could rebuild protections.  According to UCLA’s Ann Carlson, President-elect Joe Biden’s administration has significant work ahead to rebuild the nation’s climate policies. But in a Q&A with UCLA Newsroom, she said there’s reason for optimism — even with a narrowly divided Congress and conservative Supreme Court.


Brad Shaffer in Times of San Diego: Joint Effort to Rescue Endangered Native Pond Turtles Proves Successful

A team of biologists — including members from the U.S. Geological Survey, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service, University of California, Los Angeles, Endemic Environmental Services Inc., Citrus College and San Diego Zoo Global — worked together recently to find and rescue the last remaining reproductively viable population of southwestern pond turtles in the...


Pritzker Award Finalist Leah Penniman in NowThis: Here’s How Regenerative Farming Can Help Combat The Climate Crisis

Regenerative agriculture is a system of practices that focuses on soil health and increasing biodiversity — and it could help reverse the effects of climate change. ‘Human beings don’t inherently need to trash the planet to eat,’ explains Leah Penniman, the co-director and farm manager at Soul Fire Farm and Pritzker Award finalist. 


Daniel Swain in UCLA Newsroom: Extreme rainfall projected to get more severe, frequent with warming

Across the continental United States, massive, often-devastating precipitation events — the kind that climate scientists have long called “hundred-year storms” — could become three times more likely and 20% more severe by 2079, UCLA-led research projects. The paper, published in the American Geophysical Union journal Earth’s Future, finds that warming has a more profound effect...


Ann Carlson in Vox: How Joe Biden plans to use executive powers to fight climate change

“I think one big strategy that will be important for a Biden Administration without a Democratic Senate is to have a suite of climate policies rather than relying too heavily on any single policy — think of it as the ‘don’t place all your eggs in the same basket’ approach,” said Ann Carlson, a professor...


Daniel Swain in The Los Angeles Times: California sizzled with three straight months of record heat and raging fires

In the midst of the state’s most destructive wildfire season, California shattered temperature records in August, September and October. All three months were the state’s warmest on record, according to a new report by UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain. “The long-term warming trend during the peak of fire season in California has been especially pronounced,” Swain said...


UCLA researchers win Ecography Award for Excellence

UCLA ecology and evolutionary biology professor Morgan Tingley and visiting graduate researcher Austin Spence were awarded the Ecography Award for Excellence in Ecology and Evolution, or E4 Award, for their paper illustrating how species’ ability to adapt to climate change is limited by many factors other than climate — including oxygen, light, pressure, pH and...


Pritzker Award Finalist Leah Penniman in The New York Times: Follow these three farms during the harvest of 2020

The New York Times followed 3 small farms where they found people cultivating way more than food. Take a look at Leah Penniman, @soulfirefarm co-director and Pritzker Award finalist tackles food apartheid & systemic racism that affects some communities