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Travis Longcore in The Los Angeles Times: Newsom vetoes bill aimed at preventing light pollution

Gov. Gavin Newsom has vetoed a bill that would have dimmed the light pollution emanating from state buildings, writing that the proposed law was an “overly broad mandate” whose costs…

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Gregory Pierce Writes: Desalination Sounds Easy. There Are Better Ways to Meet Water Needs.

The oceans contain almost all of the water on Earth’s surface, yet turning seawater into fresh water is expensive, energy-intensive, and can harm marine life, writes Gregory Pierce, co-director of…

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Daniel Swain in CNN: California’s wildfire activity is running below average this year. But experts warn it’s not over

“When people talk about this, they’re often talking about the acreage burned and actually not only does it not tell the whole story, but it arguably doesn’t tell most of…

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Student Blog

Student Blog: Sky Quality Camera: A Tool to Track and Analyze Light Pollution in the CIDSR

By Jules de la Cruz Artificial brightening of the night sky — also known as light pollution — has become a significant issue in the past few decades. As the…

Fourth of July Creek, Stanley, ID Photo by 2021 UCLA IoES Practicum

Student Blog

Student Blog: Shining a Light on Light Pollution in CIDSR

By Mahliya Purificacion The night sky has long been a source of awe for humanity, serving as inspiration for science, religion, and countless pieces of art and literature. For past…

The NASA Black Marble, a composite image of Earth at night using 2016 VIIRS data. Photo by NASA


Alex Hall in The Los Angeles Times: California is so hot and dry that not even soaking rain can ease fall fire peril

A summer of drought, extreme heat and deadly wildfires will end with much-needed rain this week in parts of California, but it is unlikely to douse the threat of wind-driven fires this fall…

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Chase Niesner in The Los Angeles Times: Inside the war against Southern California’s urban coyotes. ‘Horrific’ or misunderstood?

In Los Angeles, there is a deep division between those who want to eradicate coyotes and those who seek peaceful coexistence with the species. On one hand, people want to…

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Brad Shaffer in The New York Times — Opinion: Humans Have a Long History of Making ‘Very Bad Decisions’ to Save Animals

An ambitious project of more than 100 scientists led by the biologist Brad Shaffer at UCLA is currently working to catalog the genomes of about 230 animal and plant species across…

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Brad Shaffer quoted in New York Times guest essay on novel genomic approaches to biodiversity conservation

The California Conservation Genomics Project, led by UCLA La Kretz Center director Brad Shaffer, is highlighted as a unique, coordinated effort to help avert climate-related extinctions across the state. The article also discusses Shaffer's concept of Urban Arks, where non-native endangered species may find sanctuary in cities and urban environments.

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Gregory Okin in CNN: Our pets are part of the climate problem. These tips can help you minimize their carbon pawprints

Our four-legged friends don’t drive gas-guzzling SUVs or use energy-sucking appliances, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a climate impact. Their meat-heavy diet is the biggest contributor to their…

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Daniel Blumstein in the Los Angeles Times: Don’t worry about that squirrel ‘splooting’ — it’s just trying to beat the heat

“Bears do it, squirrels do it, rabbits do it, dogs [too],” said Daniel Blumstein, a professor at UCLA’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. “They get really flat when they’re…

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Rajit Gadh in dot.LA — Businesses in Los Angeles Are Working to Lessen Burden on Strained Power Grid

Rajit Gadh has led research at UCLA for more than a decade that considers the viability of using electric car batteries to supplement the grid. “[You] can get data from the…