daniel walton

Daniel Walton

Postdoctoral Scholar

Center for Climate Science

Dr. Walton is a postdoctoral researcher in UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. His primary interests are regional climate change and the downscaling of climate change information to high resolution. He has developed robust, efficient downscaling methods that capture the key physical processes in the region of interest. His current work focuses on best practices for the downscaling of climate model information. He is also focusing on understanding how downscaling can add value to our understanding of regional climate change. Dr. Walton holds PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from University of California, Los Angeles.


developing metrics to evaluate the skill and credibility of downscaling

Developing Metrics to Evaluate the Skill and Credibility of Downscaling

Within the climate science community, a variety of techniques are used to "downscale" information from global climate models and produce fine-scale projections of future climate, but the relative strengths and weaknesses of these techniques are not well-understood. In this project, we are comparing downscaling techniques and establishing best practices.

climate change in the los angeles region

Climate Change in the Los Angeles Region

The most comprehensive study of climate change in LA to date, the Climate Change in the Los Angeles Region Project was conducted by Center for Climate Science Faculty Director Alex Hall and his research group between 2010 and 2015. Dr. Hall and his team developed a novel method for bringing global climate model projections to high spatial resolution, creating neighborhood-by-neighborhood projections of future climate over the greater Los Angeles region under different scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions.

climate change in the sierra nevada

Climate Change in the Sierra Nevada

Using an innovative technique to produce high-resolution future climate projections, our team is answering key questions about the fate of the Sierra Nevada snowpack, a critical natural resource that not only supports an iconic ecosystem but also provides freshwater to millions of Californians.

Recent Publications

A Hybrid Dynamical-Statistical Downscaling Technique, Part II: End-of-Century Warming Projections Predict a New Climate State in the Los Angeles Region.

F. Sun, D. Walton, and A. Hall

Published Work | Journal of Climate