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José González


Latino Outdoors

Latino Outdoors

Nominated by Emma Marris

José González is an experienced and passionate speaker, artist, nature-lover, science communicator and educator who founded Latino Outdoors. Through his work and organization, he aims to build a cross-community network of nature inclusivity groups to connect people of all races, genders, orientations, socio-economic statuses and religions. Through the Primavera Initiative, José plans to support local community-based groups and grow a nationwide movement of nature lovers. In addition to Latino Outdoors, he worked in Latino outreach and education for the Tuolumne River Trust, and wrote as the main contributor for the environment desk of Latino News Daily. José holds a master’s degree in natural resources and environment from University of Michigan, and a bachelor’s degree from University of California – Davis. He is recipient of the National Wildlife Foundation’s National Conservation Education Award, the Kenji Award and the Murie Center’s Rising Leader Award. His work has been featured by Outside Magazine, The Hill, Sacramento Bee and NBC News.

(Profile image by José González – Siembra: This piece refers to the idea of “planting the seeds” of cultural values along with conservation ethics. It takes time and effort to plant and nurture)