miranda wang

Miranda Wang




Nominated by Steve Westly

Miranda Wang takes on plastic pollution, which traps wildlife, contaminates water and food, and leads to human health problems. With BioCellection, she has pioneered an invention that accepts and breaks down multiple kinds of shredded plastic waste in a way that is cheaper and more sustainable than current alternatives. The company is partnering with stakeholders including the cities of San Jose and San Francisco, GreenWaste Recovery and Recology to scale up her operation 200x to demonstrate the effectiveness and practicality of the technology, which will be modularized in standardized machines that can process 5 metric tons of waste per day. Prior to her current endeavor, she organized University of Pennsylvania’s first TEDx conference and founded the nonprofit Good Food Box Program to deliver groceries to McGill Enactus for students facing food security issues. Miranda’s work has been featured in CNN and the New York Times. She holds a bachelor’s degree in molecular and cell biology from University of Pennsylvania.