Natasha Allen is the co-founder and CEO of illu, a management software for field teams deploying, operating and maintaining distributed energy assets. She has managed operations and maintenance programs for remote solar energy systems across five countries, including for 1500+ decentralized renewable systems with international award-winning non-profit We Care Solar. She’s a solar expert and has delivered 1000+ hours of solar training and has extensive field operations experience in East Africa and Southeast Asia. Before illu, Natasha founded a social enterprise in Myanmar, called Mee Panyar, which coordinates fieldwork and maintenance for rural solar power plants providing first-time electricity to remote villages. She has a strong academic background in physics (B.S. from Harvey Mudd College) and engineering (M.S. from University College London) and was recognized as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow for her commitment to her work and strength of character. In her free time, she is an avid cook and experimentalist, trying to ferment anything she can and mixing flavors and ingredients she has come to love through her travels.

Thematic photo by Kyaw Zin Htet