Scott Gruber

Designer | Developer

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability


Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
La Kretz Hall Suite 300
4356 Life Sciences
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Scott is a designer, developer and craftsperson building an ethical design practice grounded in accessibility, performance and aesthetics. He build sites that work for everyone, load fast and look good. He maintains and develops the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability website and technology stack. 

He is a WordPress developer. And is comfortable coding in smaller content management systems such as CraftCMS, Perch and the Jamstack. He enjoys writing modern CSS and semantic HTML and serves as a translator between comms, academics, researchers, project managers, content strategists, UX designers and and tech-savvy programmers. 

He is a web accessibility specialist, a certified Carpentries instructor and teaches design and coding workshops for students, staff and faculty. He is a member of UCLA UX and serves as a volunteer at the UCLA Health System’s UX and patient technology council. He is a public speaker and member of UCLA’s True Blue Toastmasters. A life long learner he is studying web performance, digital project management and art direction for the web.