Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award

About the Award

We award $100,000, annually to a scientist, entrepreneur, engineer, activist or artist—under the age of 40—who stands poised to make a game-changing difference.

The winner will be able to keep the prize or have the prize sent to the non-profit or for-profit business of their choice. In addition, two follow-up finalists will receive $5,000 each, to keep or send to the non-profit or for-profit business of their choice. Funds for the award are made possible as part of a $20 million gift to UCLA from the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation.

Nominating Process

A committee of 20 distinguished entrepreneurs, science, business and environmental leaders provide one nomination each. Candidates may come from anywhere in the world, from a broad range of fields including engineering, climate research, the arts or business. They should have demonstrated talent and be poised to address serious environmental concerns. The nominees themselves may be included in the process, and personal information can be used to strengthen their cases.

Finalists and Winner

A committee of UCLA faculty spanning science, humanities, engineering, business, law and public policy will reduce 20 nominees to three finalists. Finalists will be capable of making real-world impacts on a large scale, changing corporate or social practices, or developing technological or engineering solutions to a major environmental problem. The world should be astonished by what these young professionals have accomplished—and by their potential for the future.

A winner will be selected by an esteemed, five-person jury. Ceremonies will take place at UCLA and will include a private dinner and reception for jurors, the winner and other eminent guests. In addition to money, the Pritzker Award will provide exposure and media attention, and will honor the social networks that uncover young talent and the UCLA community that selects each year’s winner.