2019 Pritzker Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim in BBC News — Earth Day: Meet the original eco warriors protecting the planet

Indigenous people account for less than 5% of the world’s population – but they support or protect 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. “Our people have survived for centuries,” says 2019  Pritzker Winner, Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim. “We’re already proof that it works.” Read article on BBC News


2019 Pritzker Award Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim in Remezcla: A Few Things We Can Learn From Indigenous Leaders on Earth Day & Beyond

According to the BBC, “Indigenous people account for less than 5% of the world’s population—but they support or protect 80% of the planet’s biodiversity.” 2019 Pritzker Award winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim shared how traditional farming techniques, such as Zai (known locally as “Karal” or “Buriye”), have helped offer food security even during unpredictable weather.


Pritzker Nominator Emma Marris in Slate Podcast: How To Save the Planet (And Still Use a Plastic Straw)

In this episode of Slate’s “How To!”,  Emma Marris, an environmental writer and Pritzker nominator, warns us not to fall into the trap of individual guilt. In other words, don’t feel too bad about using that plastic straw. Emma says that’s what the fossil fuel industry wants. Instead, reallocate your time and energy toward collective...


Pritzker Nominator writes for Nature: On the 50th Earth Day, take collective action for the planet

Reducing your own carbon footprint is not as powerful as calling governments and companies to account.  Environmental writer and Pritzker nominator Emma Marris writes “there are as many ways to engage with collective action as there are people. But the keyword is collective. By all means, green up your personal life. It can help, and...


Pritzker Nominator Emma Marris Writes for WIRED: GMOs Are an Ally in a Changing Climate

“If we want to feed a growing population without fueling global warming, we need to redefine what we think of as good food,” says Pritzker nominator, Emma Marris.  After a trip to California’s Central Valley, Emma shares how farmers could become climate-mitigation champions and how consumers can choose labels beyond “organic.” Visit Wired now