The 2018 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award Ceremony

Candidates represent the full spectrum of answers to environmental concerns


 The Pritzker Award aims to recognize an environmental leader, under the age of 40, who is on the verge of making lasting change in the field of environmental sustainability. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges that includes news commentator and author Van Jones, philanthropists Wendy Schmidt and Nicolas Berggruen, and Kathryn...




Pritzker 2018 Winner, Dan Hammer, wins Mark Bingham Award

Dan Hammer has received the 2019 Mark Bingham Award for Excellence and Achievement, which recognizes recent graduates for their outstanding contribution to their community, country, or the world at large. The award honors Mark Bingham ’93, who died on September 11, 2001, defending the United States on United Airlines flight 93.



Miranda Wang in UN Environment

Our Pritzker winner Miranda Wang takes on plastic pollution, which traps wildlife, contaminates water and food, and leads to human health problems. With BioCellection, she has pioneered an invention that accepts and breaks down multiple kinds of shredded plastic waste in a way that is cheaper and more sustainable than current alternatives. In this UN...



Pritzker winner Miranda Wang in UN Environment

Pritzker winner, Miranda Wang, has been busy. This UN Environment article details what Wang and her company, BioCellection, have been up to. 



Pritzker nominee, José González, in Bay Nature

Pritzker nominee José González is an experienced and passionate speaker, artist, nature-lover, science communicator and educator who founded Latino Outdoors. In Bay Nature he writes: “How Do People Know About Nature?” “Western science and indigenous knowledge are often presented as conflicting. But there are areas where they converge.”



BioCellection, co-founder win Pritzker environmental prize

Entrepreneur Miranda Wang and BioCellection, the Menlo Park-based company she co-founded, have been named the winners of the Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award for 2018. The prestigious award, which includes a cash prize of $100,000, is funded by the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation and was presented by the UCLA Institute of the Environment...



What they’re reading: 2018 Pritkzer Award candidates book recommendations

At this year’s 2018 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award ceremony, each candidate shared a book that has impacted their lives. Here’s the list, for anyone who wants to think like a young environmental genius.  Alexia Akbay Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence by Christian Parenti “As an ode to my most...



How The Iconic 1968 Earthrise Photo Changed Our Relationship To The Planet

Earthrise Media founder and our 2017 Pritzker winner, Dan Hammer, in Huffington Post. Earthrise Media‘s images were used in this article by Bill McKibben to discuss the impact of satellite imagery on our relationship to the planet.   



José González in Bay Nature

Pritzker nominee and Latino Outdoors founder, José González writes about “The Consequences of Lines on a Map” in Bay Nature. 



Tracking China’s Muslim Gulag

Dan Hammer, 2017 Pritzker award winner, is leading a project to make sense of Earth imagery — to help people “read” images like they read the news. Hammer, of Earthrise Media, worked with Reuters to plot the construction and expansion of 39 of these camps. 



A 24-year-old has invented a new way to break down plastic waste and prevent it from landing in the ocean

Pritzker winner Miranda Wang is the cofounder and CEO of BioCellection, a company that focuses on recycling polyethylenes, the most common but least recyclable type of plastic. Most polyethylenes, like bubble wrap and plastic bags, end up in landfills. In early November, Wang’s company received a $100,000 prize for the invention from UCLA’s Institute of...



Pritzker finalist, Asha de Vos, on BBC’s 100 Women 2018

Asha de Vos was named in the BBC 100 Women: 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2018. 23) Asha de Vos, 39 – Marine biologist, Sri Lanka. Asha works in the area of marine conservation to increase diversity, inclusivity and opportunity in the field.


My Journey to Create the Future of Plastic Recycling 

Plastic pollution is a global crisis that results in wildlife entrapment, water and food contamination, and human health problems. Globally, only 9% of plastics produced are recycled; the rest is incinerated, landfilled, or exported to developing nations where they often enter marine habitats. At the current accumulation rate, the scientific community predicts there will be...