food eco-labels

Research Project | 2017

Food Eco-labels

Our research seeks to understand how emotions play a role in the purchasing of green products.  We considered four eco-labels that are found on meat products, and paired them with different visual stimuli to see how consumers’ willingness to purchase these products changed.  Each of the labels offers different human and environmental health benefits, ranging from not using pesticides to treating livestock humanely.   We conducted a survey in which participants were shown a variety of photos (including baby farm animals), and then asked about their perceptions of each label.  Often, those who viewed the photos of animals before considering buying meat products were more likely to purchase humanely treated livestock products.  Some participants expressed skepticism about the truthfulness of the labels, but many associated the labels with healthier and more guilt-free food.  A deeper understanding of what drives consumers to purchase eco-labeled goods can help environmentally friendly businesses better market their goods.