Since 2006, the State of California has undertaken periodic scientific assessments with the goal of understanding future climate change impacts on the state. For the first three such assessments, released in 2006, 2009, and 2012, a portfolio of research projects investigated climate change impacts, and the assessment report described the results of these studies. The upcoming 4th California Climate Change Assessment, due out in 2018, will include a new element: regionally focused assessments that survey the scientific literature and summarize the state of knowledge about climate change impacts in the region.

The Center for Climate Science is honored to be leading the Los Angeles Region chapter of the regional assessments. Coordinating lead author Alex Hall is convening an expert author panel to report on climate impacts to water, energy, transportation, public health, environmental justice, agriculture, ecosystems, and a host of other sectors. With regional stakeholder input, the authors will summarize the state of the science on observed and modeled climate change, what it means for people and natural systems, and what is being done to adapt. The report will also identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for further research to answer critical questions.

Work on the regional assessments will continue through the summer of 2018, with a tentative publication date in August. Watch this page for updates.