reintroducing threatened western pond turtles into southern california ecosystems

Practicum Project | 2015

Reintroducing Threatened Western Pond Turtles Into Southern California Ecosystems

Students: Joseph Canas, Holly Fuong, Amy Lee, Runyang Lou, David Matthews, Natalie Shahbol, Alexis Whitaker

Client: Turtle Conservancy, U.S. Geological Survey

Advisor: Prof. Brad Shaffer (IoES)

Final Report

Watch the interview with Prof. Brad Shaffer and IoES senior practicum student Alexis Whitaker.

The video was produced by students in “Communicating Science”, a class for upper division biology majors at UCLA (EEB C179)

Related Publications

An Urban Reintroduction of Western Pond Turtles in Southern California

A. Whitaker, A. Lee, H. Fuong, D. Matthews, J. Cañas, N. Shahbol, R. Lou

Progress Report | 2015

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