VSTEM Scholars 2021-2022: Allen Ramirez, Irvin Matamoros, Noah Miller, Joshua Rubi, Kevin Miguel, Jose Abarca, and Marcelo Perdomo (not pictured above) | Collage image by Adiba Hassan

Special Project | 2020

Veterans in STEM

VSTEM-LogoVeterans in STEM (VSTEM) is a group of veteran and military connected students building a community of student veterans and alumni majoring in STEM. VSTEM is supported by the UCLA Veteran Resource Center, ELAC Veteran Resource Center, and Center for Diverse Leadership in Science to provide mentorship, scientific workshops, and research experiences to success rates student veterans for successful completion of major in STEM. VSTEM believes that the combination of their military experiences, higher education, and participation in this program will help create diversity champions in STEM with veteran origin.

For more information, please visit the VSTEM webpage and VSTEM Instagram.