assessment of remote airborne monitoring to control sulfur emissions from ocean-going vessels

Assessment of remote airborne monitoring to control sulfur emissions from ocean-going vessels

The  transportation industry depends heavily on petroleum fuels. While stringent legislation and alternative energy sources are slowly driving a departure from oil usage on land, ocean-going vessels (OGVs), or ships, remain heavily dependent on petroleum derived products. Unfortunately, the continued reliance on fossil fuels has human health consequences. Exposure to sulfur-rich emissions from oil combustion...

carbon sequestration through compost

Carbon sequestration through compost

The San Joaquin Valley of Central California is an agricultural powerhouse, producing almost half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables. However, this production is not without trade-offs. Agricultural operations often result in unhealthy air quality, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and excessive water usage – the Central Valley is home to five of the ten cities...

creating a centralized management system for student applied sustainably research at ucla

Creating a Centralized Management System for Student Applied Sustainably Research at UCLA

The Student Applied Research team intends to create a singular, accessible space for the UCLA community to share, analyze, and track sustainability research conducted by on-campus student groups and programs including Sustainability Action Research, the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Undergraduate Research Scholars program, Student Organization projects, internships, and other client projects on campus. Examples of...


Creating a living seed bank for urban restoration in Los Angeles

Home to more than ten million people, the Los Angeles metropolitan area accommodates one of the largest urban populations in the world. The vast majority of its landscape has been converted to freeways, skyscrapers, strip malls, and other development, resulting in the loss of native vegetation and wildlife which provide valuable ecosystem services that maintain...

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