Net GHG Emissions and Air Quality Outcomes from Different Residential Building Electrification Pathways within a California Disadvantaged Community

Eric Daniel Fournier, Felicia Federico, Robert Cudd, Stephanie Pincetl, Alex Ricklefs, Marc Costa, Michael Jerrett, Diane Garcia-Gonzales

Published Work | 2022 | Sustainable Cities and Society

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Municipal Stormwater Management Spending in California: Data Extraction, Compilation, and Analysis

David Babchanik, Danielle Salt, Maureen Kerner, Brian Currier, Erik Porse

Published Work | 2022 | Environmental Management

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Climate change risk and adaptation costs for stormwater management in California coastal parklands

Erik Porse, Cristina Poindexter, Christian Carelton & Michael Stephens

Published Work | 2021 | Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure

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