California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA



Future Cities Podcast: Developing and Deploying Disruptive Ideas

Dr. Mikhail Chester hosts Dr. Stephanie Pincetl, whose work engages a multitude of disciplines (from engineers to urban planners to economists) to advance urban sustainability science and decision-making for water, energy, transportation, and land use systems. She explores how understanding and synthesizing these diverse systems surrounding our complex urban systems opens opportunities for future alternatives.


Energy Entanglements: A Student Project 2022

Final Project for Environment 155 at UCLA for Fall 2022. A webinar involving 1 host and 4 guests discussing the implications of and recommendations for a "just" energy transition. Benjamin Greenstein, Jacqueline Gonzalez Hurtado, Achinthya Poduval, Gredorio Palomera, Aurelie Blanadet


Climate change is pushing the power grid to the limit. Energy storage could help. CCSC’s Dr. Eric Fournier talks to Vox Unexplainable about the electric grid.

But many blackouts can also be blamed on how the electric system works. Namely: The goal of the power grid is to deliver electricity to your home as soon as it’s been generated at a power plant. There isn’t a great pool of electricity waiting in reserve for when demand spikes. Experts say that needs to change. “Electricity systems are real-time systems,” said Eric Fournier, research director at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. There’s little room for error.


Surviving in the Age of Megafires

How do we survive in the age of climate change driven megafires? The Big Burn podcast from LAist Studios tries to answer that complex question by exploring how we got here, how we keep screwing things up, and what we can do to survive and even thrive while the world around us burns. -- Stephanie Pincetl, guest panelist