At the UCLA Coastal Center, we study the sensitivity of coastal environments and their connected oceanic systems to anthropogenic impacts, reaching from the local to the global scale. We focus on these interactions because 44% of the world’s population lives within 100 miles of the coast.

Critical research areas we focus on include (i) Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia’s impacts on the coast and on vulnerable marine communities and species, (ii) Climate Change impacts on the distribution of mangrove and kelp forests, (iii) Sea Level Rise impacts on coastal wetlands and rocky intertidal habitats, (iv) pathogens and health risks to swimmers and surfers at the beach, and (v) watershed and water supply management impacts on our coastal estuaries and the species that rely on them. We not only complete research on watersheds, the coast, coastal waters, and the connected oceans, but we work to provide solutions to some of our most critical coastal management problems.