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Peter Daszak on Nature Insight podcast: Disease X

The Nature Insight podcast features biodiversity expert Peter Daszak, a senior research fellow at the Center for Tropical Research who is a disease ecologist working to predict and prevent outbreaks of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19. “Every single pandemic has a link to wildlife…These will happen unless we change our relationship with nature.”


World World Zero features COVID-19 and climate change op-ed by Tom Smith

World War Zero, a coalition addressing climate change, has featured an op-ed by UCLA Professor Tom Smith, co-director of the Congo Basin Institute. “COVID-19 has shown the world the horrors of a pandemic. Climate change is an accelerator for pandemics. It’s time to wake up and take action — our future depends on it.”


Biologist receives award from the American Ornithological Society

Tom Smith, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, was honored by the American Ornithological Society for decades of work studying birds. The Elliot Coues Award is given annually to “outstanding and innovative contributions to ornithological research, regardless of the geographic location of the work.” In naming Smith as the award’s recipient, the society cited his leadership...


Congo Basin Institute and Tom Smith in National Geographic: Cameroon’s embattled ebony trees get a lifeline—from guitar maker

Bob Taylor met Tom Smith, director of UCLA’s Congo Basin Institute, who had worked in Cameroon for decades and knew as much about its forest ecology as Taylor knew about guitars. They found themselves circling a shared quandary: The urgent need to regrow tropical hardwoods in the Congo Basin was hampered because scientists knew more...