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UCLA assistant adjunct professor partners with Congo Basin Institute

Learn more about Kevin Njabo, an assistant adjunct professor who helped establish the Congo Basin Institute at IoES in this Daily Bruin interview. 


Pritzker Fellow Kevin Njabo knows how to make the impossible happen

Kevin Njabo, director of Africa Programs for both the Center for Tropical Research (CTR) and Congo Basin Institute, has been awarded the 2017 IoES Pritzker Environment and Sustainability Education Fellowship. The annual fellowship is made possible through an endowment from the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation and recognizes instructors for their contributions to academic programs.


Taylor Guitars donates $400,000 toward ebony conservation and restoration in Cameroon

Bob Taylor, a world-renowned guitar maker of Taylor Guitars, donated $400,000 in support of ebony conservation research and restoration efforts, which will be coordinated by CTR’s Thomas Smith, in Cameroon.