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Avoiding Biodiversity Collapse in Tropical Protected Areas

Featuring William F. Laurance, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Professor, James Cook University, Australia Many of the world’s leading tropical protected areas are now fragments or man‐made islands surrounded by drastically modified landscapes. Even some of the historically most‐remote sites suffer from hunting and other forms of human encroachment. Will these protected areas function as arks to...

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Heron Island Summit Video

CTR Director Tom Smith was a keynote speaker at the Applied Evolution Summit, “Interdisciplinary Solutions to Evolutionary Challenges in Food, Health and the Environment,” held on Heron Island, Australia, January 4-8, 2010.

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Tracking Hornbill Movements in Cameroon

UCLA’s International Research & Training Center in Cameroon hosts researchers such as Prof. Tom Smith and his team from the Center for Tropical Research. Prof. Smith leads the IRTC and shows here how the research team captures hornbill birds and attaches a satellite tracking device in order to track their movements across the Congo Basin...