Center for Tropical Research


Challenges to Conserving the Congo Basin Rainforest

 The future of our planet is Africa — in terms of people, biodiversity, habitats that are crucial for genetic diversity in the face of climate change, and some of…

CTR 20 Year Anniversary Video

Open for business in the Congo rainforest

Recently, crew of college students from UCLA and Cameroon left convenience behind and plunged into the rainforest. Their objective: reopen a field station that had been shuttered for two decades,…

Congo Basin Institute: UCLA’s New Foreign Affiliate

Thomas B. Smith, Director, Center for Tropical Research; Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Bird Genoscape Project

Video from Center for Tropical Research and First Solar Inc, describing a new partnership, the Bird Genoscape Project, that will assist conservation efforts for migratory birds.

Congo Basin Institute (French Subtitles)

Video about the Congo Basin Institute, dedicated to finding solutions to the interconnected issues of climate change, human disease, food and water security, and loss of biodiversity.